If you’ve dealt with health issues for a while, you may feel like you’re just playing whack-a-mole, getting rid of a symptom, before it pops back up, or another one shows up somewhere else. This is not real health.

Let me help you look beyond your symptoms, for hidden stressors. It’s there we can work on big picture healing opportunities to get health into balance. We can work to create a health protocol that includes diet and lifestyle modifications as well as targeted supplementation.

90-day health

What this ISN’T: a diet and exercise plan with a boatload of supplements to stay on for life.

What this IS: 3 months of 1-on-1 support to jumpstart your healing journey. We deep dive into foundations of health, opening drainage pathways, and create a detox PLAN for you, with lots of support along the way.


A La Carte

Not Ready to choose a 90 Day Package? That’s ok. I’ve been there too. We can work together in a 1 hour consult to discuss your health concerns and create a starting point for you! You can also request virtual energy testing in this consult as well.


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